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Welcome to AEGIS Properties Corporation

Robert D. Lutton and H. Timothy Allwardt founded Aegis Properties Corporation in Chicago in 1994. The firm has grown significantly since its beginning in a controlled manner so that its standards, the highest in the industry, could be maintained.

The principal mission of Aegis Properties, as it has been from the beginning, is to provide very high quality property management, leasing, and asset management services. Clients range from institutions, private individuals and family offices, to condominium, co-op and homeowners associations.

Today, the distinguishing features of the company include the following:

The company has devoted tremendous time and attention to recruiting, training, and retaining the best people available. By way of example, the top three individuals have, on average, over twenty-five years of experience in the business. Many others have over ten years of experience.

Aegis values strong accounting like no other firm. Excellent systems and flexible and accurate reporting have been achieved at property after property.

The principals have had experience in developing sophisticated operational and policy systems. Most medium or small, hands on, firms like ours are just too small and inexperienced to develop in this area. Aegis Properties has, from the very beginning, had accelerated development because of what the principals brought to the firm. An example of this is our state of the art Employee Manual.

Aegis has developed an extensive network of engineers in environmental, construction and other specialized fields, that contribute regularly to the management programs. Many times this expertise is provided to clients at little or no cost.

Aegis has developed a proprietary Cost Reduction Manual for the efficient management of large real estate projects. It is extensive, over fifty pages, in length, where each element of cost is examined and best practices identified. Over 100 properties were reviewed to find the best way to perform each of the functions normally necessary in the operation of properties. Topics range from proper review and evaluation of electric utility tariffs to the variable elements and costs in elevator maintenance contracts, so that potential savings at individual properties can be achieved.

Clients may expect extensive, frequent and in depth involvement by top management. Aegis Properties' hands-on executive support provides staff the ability to excel.

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